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Soccer For Free is a web site where you can watch live soccer stream for free. We allow you to follow the world’s biggest events. Beside football you are able to watch some other big sports on our web site such as tennis, golf, basketball and many others. What can you expect from us? Watching our live streams will get you excited! Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball or any other popular sport.



We’ve got it for you on Soccer For Free. You are able to watch a lot of professional games on our web site. Especially football games from around the world like the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera Division, the Italian Serie A, the Dutch Eredivisie, the German Bundesliga, the Portuguese Primeira Liga and many other football matches are available on our web site. We also allow you to watch live soccer stream from other great sports, so you don’t have to miss anything in the world of sport.



It’s a world of soccer. So we’ll have live soccer stream of big matches from rival countries such as the qualification for World Championship 2014 too. These matches are fully catered. And besides the live soccer stream, we will give you actual soccer news from this European campaign. You can find this news under the head WC2012. The European campaign is currently in full swing, so you are well informed by Soccer For Free!


We didn’t even mention the Champions League nor the Europe League. These two tournaments are going all over the world. The Champions League is one of the biggest tournaments of the world with the biggest clubs involved. Both tournament are just started with their qualification campaigns. Also big tournaments around the world, besides these European tournaments, are available on Soccer For Free!



Video highlights. Did you miss the match? Don’t worry, because you can always watch our summary on our web site. For free off course. As a little company we would appreciate a gift to run the site.



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Why would you choose Soccer For Free? Soccer For Free want to make customers find their live soccer stream easily by producing a costumer friendly web site. So you don’t have to miss anything of an important football match. And, like other web sites, you don’t get bothered by advertising on our web site, except by the bookmakers. We want to maintain our orderly system by not using too much advertising. Of course there is some advertising, but that’s to recoup our costs.


With our orderly system and only the best streams we ruff other competitive web sites. The team of Soccer For Free consists of young people, who are all very knowledgeable about football. That’s why there’s a lot of attention for live soccer streams. From now on you will not miss a single match. Add our site to your favorites, because we would like you to visit us again. We also use social media. So become a member of Facebook and Twitter, and win a prize! It’s convenient to register at our site so you never lose Soccer For Free!